Empowering Women
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I hate the term “Empowering Women.”

I hate the term “Empowering Women.” Empowering Women has become the term used when you offer a woman a job or an opportunity. In many cases more of a marketing term to place on a website or in blog posts or Facebook rant. What were we doing before this term now overused and without meaning grabbed the spotlight?
Diaper Rash

My Babies Bum and Diaper Rash

Geno has real-world experience with Diaper rash, stretch marks, her five-year-old daughter Love proves her products work as many of her products based on her experience raising her daughter.
Having a baby in 1990 vs. today.

Having a Baby in 1990 vs. Today

Having a Baby in 1990 vs. Today. The Fashion- 1990- Maternity…