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Boston Newborn Care Course Certification

Newborn Care Course Certification is someone who specializes in newborn care. The Newborn Care Course may assist parents in the home the first few weeks or months of baby’s life with parent education, feeding/breastfeeding, basic baby care, and light baby-related housekeeping. It is important to note that a Newborn Care Specialist is not a Nanny and not a Doula and requires special training and education specific to the profession.
The Dangers of Baby PowderBoston Newborn Care

The Dangers of Baby Powder

Dangers of Baby Powder. Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder. In this post instruction to make your own Baby Powder.
The Affordable Care Act StatesBoston Newborn Care

The Affordable Care Act States

The Affordable Care Act states every mother will be given a free breast pump by their insurance company. All mothers are offered a breast pump. There are a variety of different pumps and they all work anywhere from just okay to awesome. Boston…
The New Normal…Boston Newborn Care

The New Normal…

The New Normal… I could finally see him, this little boy who had such a rough start into this crazy world. Who knew trips to the NICU, days, nights, weeks would be the new normal for us.
My Journey into MotherhoodBoston Newborn Care

My Journey into Motherhood

My Journey into Motherhood continues to evolve with twists, turns, and discoveries; so does my path into rediscovering myself. Journey into Motherhood, Fertility issues are a horrible battle. If I heard one more time.
Busy Baby MatBusy Baby Mat
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Busy Baby Mat I am a Newborn Specialist and finding interesting products to keep your Baby entertained during feeding time is a challenge. This Placemat offers your newborn or toddler…
Boston Newborn CareBoston Newborn Care

Newborns and Measles

Newborns and Measles. Measles can be dangerous, especially for babies and young children. From 2001-2013, 28% of children younger than 5 years old who had measles had to be treated in the hospital.
Recipes That Increase Breast MilkBoston Newborn Care
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Recipes That Increase Breast Milk

Recipes that Increase Breast Milk for Lactating Moms. A favorite breakfast recipe we use regularly is Chia Pudding.
Boston Newborn CareBoston Newborn Care

Having a Baby in 1990 vs. Today

Having a Baby in 1990 vs. Today. The Fashion-1990- Maternity fashion was ugly but totally OK. It was almost expected to wear huge billowy, flowery dresses and giant blowsy tops paired with black maternity stirrup pants
Helping Your Baby Sleep all NightBoston Newborn Care

Helping Your Baby Sleep all Night

Boston Baby Care | Helping Your Baby Sleep all Nigh. A Baby nurse can do more than just stay up all night. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to help the whole family.