Squid Socks Baby Socks That Won’t Fall Off

I found this product interesting, care providers have found a problem with newborns. This is the creator’s story.

The patent-pending Squid Socks look, feel and wear like high-performance athletic socks. They are 87% polyester for a few reasons: polyester is moisture-wicking, doesn’t shrink or wrinkle, absorbs shock, and is the proper composition for dye-sublimation, a new printing technology that imprints the design right onto the fabric fibers so that it cannot be scraped or washed away. Nylon (10%) gives the socks strength, durability, flexibility, and stain resistance. Spandex (3%) gives them resilience and the ability to maintain the size and shape they were when new. As technology progresses, there will be additional fabric options and blends.