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Boston Fashion Designer Boston Newborn Care has supported struggling fashion designers worldwide through the work of Ethical Fashion Guatemala.

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Began four years ago stopping the exploitation of Artisans.  

Imagine you’re a weaver or leather-worker in Guatemala. You labor intensely over a product — let’s say a bag featuring textiles unique to your heritage — and sell it to an American tourist for $35.

It’s worth a good deal more, you think, but the American drives a hard bargain, and considering 65 percent of your nation lives below the poverty line, something is always better than nothing. You take the sale.

A few months later, you stumble across the bag you made selling online for nearly $300 on an American website that claims to be benefiting artisans like yourself.

The website may feature a picture of yourself that you never gave the visiting tourist permission to take or use, or it may feature a picture of a weaver you’ve never met from another village.