Overnight Newborn Care

A 24 hour Overnight Newborn Care Specialist is a great option for new moms and dads looking for more than part-time support.

Many moms like this option so they can get some sleep, have light housekeeping taken care of, and do some “doula” type activities.

Finding Parents a qualified Overnight Newborn Care Specialist.

Boston Newborn Care will conduct interviews, run a background check, review all certifications and certificates, and check insurance plans.

Many of the Overnight Newborn Care Boston Specialists are not in the Boston Area so there will be a travel expense, which varies, depending on their location.

Families are responsible for paying the Newborn Care Specialist directly.

The referral fee is 5% of the total contract due at the beginning of the contract.

I am available to assist, troubleshoot, and advise both you and the Overnight Newborn Care Boston Specialists in the event there are questions or concerns.