Our First Baby | The Delivery Room


Our First Baby | The Delivery Room, My wife had a pleasant pregnancy, some morning sickness at first which passed. As the months moved along and her hormones changes, my wife became this very happy and forgetful, soon to be a mother. Left a few ATM cards in the ATM machine, other than that it was with great join I watched my wife’s stomach grow and we spent nights together sitting watching our baby move around.

We had taken all the classes for delivery, breathing, videos, and many nights online seeking comfort for that all-important day of when the Water Broke and the Mad Dash to the Hospital.

The car had been packed for what seemed like weeks with all the STUFF we had to take to the Hospital. Then contractions started late on a Saturday night. Called all the numbers we had pre-programmed in our Cell Phone and it was time we were told, head to the Hospital.

Our First Baby

Upon our arrival at the hospital, we met our Doctor, all the happy nurses in the delivery room. Only to find out after the initial examination, contractions, it was determined my wife had some time to go before delivery.

24 hours later still in the delivery ward of the Hospital, our Doctor came in and informed us that our Daughters had turned downward, all good. NOT, as our Doctor explained your Daughter has a large head and your wife has narrow hips. Okay. Meaning that delivery would be by cesarean section.

Within 20 minutes we are in Surgery. The keyword here is we are in Surgery, meaning ME as well as all the Doctors, Nurses, and staff for this event. Sitting at my wife’s head I occasionally peeked over the drape covering my wife’s from the neck down to see what was going on. This delivery from my point of view was fast. Suddenly our Daughter appears and is handed to a nurse. Okay purple color, and covered with like a cheese coating all over.

The Nurse took our Daughter over to a table in the delivery room and began a series of tests and began cleaning up our Daughter. All the time I am watching the Surgeon finish the surgery. Then the nurse walked over with our Daughter all wrapped up in a warm blanket and handed her to me.

Our First Baby

“Come on the Nurse said” let’s go, follow me. Panic, how was I to hold my daughter, what if I tripped or drop her. We made it to a room where our Daughter was placed under like a warming light. Within no time her color went to that pretty pink all babies have. Then the smell of her was like nothing I had experienced before. That Baby smell.

Time passes and my wife is back in her room and the time has come for Father to take our Daughter to be with mom.

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