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The course also provides personal development and YOUR practice management.

Boston Newborn Care Courses Covering Care Providers

A Newborn Care Specialist (Night Nanny, Baby Nurse, Maternity Nurse) is someone who specializes in newborn care. Newborn Care Specialists assist parents in the home the first few weeks or months of a baby’s life. Predominantly an overnight position, Boston Newborn Care offers training and support for the daytime as well.

It is important to note that a Newborn Care Specialist is not a Nanny and not a Postpartum Doula and requires special training and education specific to the profession. The NCS program will cover a wide range of topics including Bathing, Sleep Practices, Feeding, Swaddling, developmental milestones and so much more.

Boston Newborn Care Courses Covering Care Providers

This is the same course that is taught at the Boston Newborn Care offices, however, this course is taught through Boston Newborn Care/Newborn Training is taught during the day.

Exclusive to this course-Boston Newborn Care Courses Covering Care Providers

Emphasis is on service and supporting the parents.  You may be more experienced but the parents are in charge. You will also learn about client relations, customer service, what your role is as a Newborn Care Specialist is.  

What it takes to be a team player and to get a good reference.

All students will receive a download PDF online training manual, business cards, mentoring opportunities, marketing help and opportunities to work with clients, as they are available.

Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications

Boston Newborn Care Courses Covering Care Providers

  • Certificates awarded at the end of the course once the test is completed.
  • These certificates are a credential that can be added to your portfolio.
  • This is not a certification – There is no governing body that has created standards in this field. Any certificate you receive is always just a credential.

Course Outline: Boston Newborn Care Courses Covering Care Providers

Module 1- How to Make it Work, Gain a Good Reputation, and Understanding the Role

  • The history of the Newborn Care Specialist role and defining the various titles in the industry
  • How to conduct yourself in homes
  • Parents expectations of the support you are providing
  • How to get jobs
  • Standard pay for the position
  • Standard hours
  • How to manage the interview
  • Portfolio, resume and references

Module 2- Baby Basics

  • Birth and gestational baby age definitions
    • Preemies
    • NICU
    • Term babies
  • Newborn Characteristics
    • Birthmarks
  • Newborn Care
    • Bathing
    • Circumcision Care
    • Umbilical Cord Care
  • Newborn Essentials
  • Swaddling and equipment demonstrations
  • Newborn Milestones
    • Cognitive, physical, language and developmental
  • Newborn Reflexes

About Boston Newborn Care

Boston Newborn Care is renowned for providing the most experienced and highly qualified Boston Newborn Care Provides Nannies, Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists solutions throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Boston and surrounding towns.

CAll of US for 24/7 services. Please note, our caregivers provide non-medical support and the term baby nurse is commonly used to describe Boston Newborn Care Provides Nannies, Doulas.

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Our Postpartum Specialists LOVE what they do and it shows!

They’ve provided priceless help for hundreds of our client families and their references are nothing less than 5 star!

Each Nannie or Doulas we recommend has a completed background check, newborn care training, CPR certification, and necessary medical/vaccinations on file for the safety of your newborn!

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