My Line of Baby Products is the result of years of my experience with seeing my parents spend thousands on useless Baby Products.

The Baby Carriers below feature, Mayan Baby Carriers and a modern style of Baby Carrier both are produced in Guatemala, part of Ethical Fashion Guatemala work to support and protect the traditional Mayan designs from Copyright infringement.

For hundreds of years, Mayan women in Central America have safely carried their babies using this wrap, which also serves as a Baby Blanket.

The blanket is woven by hand, following the traditional Textile methods used by Mayan Women.

My Line of Baby Products

This handmade Baby Carrier was created by Guatemalan Artisan Francisco Tzul of the village of Panajachel on the shores of Lake Attilan.

Handmade from traditional Mayan Textiles. NO Chemicals.

My Line of Baby Products

The design ideas came forth out of my knowledge on how a Baby Carrier should function and options, adjustable straps, large padded shoulders and yes a pocket for that smart phone.

The wrap is handmade in the villages of Lake Atitlan Guatemala, using the traditional weaving process of the backstrap loom.

No chemicals are used, natural dyes based on plants, produced in weaving co-operatives.

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My Line of Baby Products

Creating a line of Baby Products takes time, a competitive marketplace, by this post I am offering a handful of Newborn Parents the opportunity to try these products free of charge.

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you about setting up a time to receive your products.

My Line of Baby Products

My Line of Baby Products

Includes, Natural Diaper Rash Cream, Diaper Bag, and Baby Blankets as part of this first announcement.

Geno pictured below started making Natural Baby products for her daughter seven years ago. Her Diaper Rash Cream is one of the many Natural Beauty and Baby products products I offer.

My Line of Baby Products

Guatemalan Artisans Going After Online Merchants For Selling Knockoffs of Their Work

If you’ve ever visited the towns of South American countries, you’ve probably seen the one-of-a-kind bags, shoes, ceramics (and more) that populate local shops.

The artisans who create these beautifully crafted designs have influenced designers and brands the world over, but they don’t always reap the financial rewards of their labors.

American businessmen James Dillon and his Partner Carloz Tzul behind Ethical Fashion Guatemala (EFG), changed that.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala has grown into a global supplier of Artisan products from around the world. Instead of donations, EFG provides Artisans with tools to sell directly to consumers.

Guatemalan Mother & Entrepreneur Creates Line of Locally-Sourced Handmade Beauty Products For Her Daughter

My name is Geno. Six years ago, I left my corporate life in Guatemala City and moved to a small village on the shores of Lake Atitlan. I fell in love and now have my amazing four-year-old daughter named Love.

After Love was born, I wanted to treat her only with natural products made from plants.

I had always been interested in the natural medicines that have been used by the Mayan community around our lake for centuries.

This is where the development of my line of beauty products began—I started making natural products for Love.

If you are interested in supporting My Line of Baby Products, and the Mayan Artisans of Guatemala by participating in reviewing their products and receiving a free product gift, please fill out this form below.

There is no obligation to purchase, only to help spread the word and support Women Artisans.

My Line of Baby Products

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