Prepare for Boston Classes. According to state requirements almost all Boston students and staff — regardless of their vaccination status — in public kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools in Massachusetts will be required to wear a face-covering inside school buildings until at least Oct. 1.

Prepare for Boston Classes

Massachusetts will require masks in all K-12 public schools to begin the year. Here’s what to expect. “For now, the safest and simplest path forward is to mask up in schools.”

I have cared for and provided Nanny’s for Boston Newborns for over 20 years. This post is not about masks, being vaccinated or not. This is about our children, a gift of life, we are responsible for the lives of our children. Confusion abounds about Covid 19, misinformation has confused all.

Would someone please give us straight answers? We have relied on the US Government for guidance and direction from the start, the CDC was to provide all with facts and guidance. We are divided as a country through misinformation and ever-changing guidelines.

As parents, some feel our rights have been taken from us. Forced rules, as a parent you have the right to protect your children. Please make the right choice.


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