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Overnight Newborn Care Boston

A Overnight Newborn Care Boston Specialist is a non-medical professional who comes into the home when the baby comes home from the hospital. State to state regulations dictate which term is used for this service. Baby Nurse, Maternity Nurse, Night Nanny among others are commonly used in place of a NCS.

Postpartum Overnight Newborn Specialist Childcare Services

A 24 hour Post Partum Overnight Newborn Specialist is a great option for new moms and dads looking for more than part time support. Many moms like this option so they can get some sleep, have light housekeeping taken care of and some “doula” type activities.

Placement Services – Offered To Care Providers

For those that meet the requirements, please call for an interview. At BNC all care providers must pas the BNC exam.  If you have not taken a course, then you must enrol in a class. You will be an independent contractor which means you will be responsible for negotiating your salary and the times you work.  ( the BNC contract gives suggested salary, hours and tasks).

Training for Parents and Care Providers

Courses are held at Community Collages throughout New England and at our Medfield Office.

Boston Newborn Care Courses Covering Care Providers

A Newborn Care Specialist (Night Nanny, Baby Nurse, Maternity Nurse) is someone who specializes in newborn care. Newborn Care Specialists assist parents in the home the first few weeks or months of a baby’s life. Predominantly an overnight position, Boston Newborn Care offers training and support for the daytime as well.

Boston Newborn Care Course for Parents

Boston Newborn Care Course for Parents.  Boston Newborn Care offers a 3-hour course for new parents. The Newborn Care Course for Parents is offered in Medfield at the Boston Newborn Care offices. The class is limited to 5 couples. Boston Newborn Care offices has chosen a comfortable space for new parents.

Boston Newborn Care Courses Au Pair

Boston Newborn Au Pair Course, Boston Newborn Care / Newborn Training and Certification Association is offering this course at either Tri-County Vocational High school in Franklin Massachusetts held in the evenings or at the Newborn Training and Certification Association in Medfield during the day.