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Hiring a Night Nurse or Baby Nurse for Your Newborn?

Hiring a Night Nurse or Baby Nurse for Newborn Care? Greater Boston is an obvious setting for baby nurses – but not necessarily in the way that some might suspect. Overnight childcare is hardly an amenity reserved strictly for the well-to-do. Nor does securing such a service entail a particularly complex process.

As a practical matter, parents of newborns ought not be expected to learn some arcane, acronym-laden new language in order to evaluate and identify who’ll look after their baby.

Boston Newborn Care is an agency that provides baby nurses, maternity nurses, night nannies, or whatever you want to call our highly trained, impeccably vetted, professional newborn care specialists. Our staff is prepared to match parents with the right specialist, and to help establish what roles and responsibilities are required for your situation – starting with a customized search for you ideal candidate.

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The point being:

Hiring a Night Nurse or Baby Nurse for Newborn Care?

This is a short-term expense for a few, short months of comfort and assistance, during which the parents call all the shots: Who, what, where, when and how…  You set the terms – the time frame, the hours and whatever else we might do for you as you dreamily adjust to your wonderful new world.

And don’t take my word for it: Do a Google search. Investigate other services. Check references. Ask around. Just beware of “moonlighters” looking to make a quick buck, or self-proclaimed specialists who’re between careers, or full-time nannies, who like to work 24/7. We do not allow this.  Boston Newborn Care baby nurses are rested, alert and fully committed to our clients – exclusively.

Looking after your newborn is what they do – and what we do. It is our mission and our passion.

We’re here to help.

Hiring a Night Nurse or Baby Nurse for Newborn Care? Why Newborn Care Night Nurse? Parents left to their own devices are said to lose an average of six months of sleep in the first two years of their child’s life. That’s not good. Proper sleep isn’t a perk; it’s a priority as essential as nutrition and exercise. Failure to satisfy this need has consequences: impaired focus, confusion, fugue, and the sort of haziness that takes people “off their game” – and these are just precursors to more serious problems, like migraines, impaired vision, seizures, hallucinations and a host of latent conditions that thrive on inadequate rest.

Problems of this sort don’t just interrupt the quality of life; they also come at a cost.

I once had a client who was initially resistant to this advice, but came around, just in time. “I’m young,” she said. “I can always make money – but this is once-in-a-lifetime. I want to be present for every minute of it.”

Another was so thrilled upon my arrival that she said, “I’m going to bed; I’ll just leave a suitcase full of cash by the door.” Then, there was the mom who swore she’d’ve written a blank check had she known about this service. That’s the thing about a Night Nurse – it is, at its core, an almost indescribable relief.

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