Healthy Meals Delivered COVID 19

Healthy Meals Delivered COVID 19 to your home our Healthy meals delivered to your door from Boston Newborn Care’s newest partner, The Stocked Fridge. Having a baby can really rock the current rhythm of your household. The mess, the disorganization, and the stuff! Stuff is just everywhere. It’s not easy to deprogram yourself to let things go when you have always been on top of things.

Food is a tough one. Buying it, preparing it cleaning up after it, and then remembering to eat it. Don’t laugh, the struggle is real.

Healthy Meals Delivered

Nursing moms need to eat more than they are accustomed to. For milk production (additional 300-500 calories per day) and they need to eat to heal from what’s going on in their body. Having a baby takes a toll on a woman’s system. Calories and energy need to be on point to stay healthy. (calorie count baseline is based on activity level and weight)

There is always take-out, but one gets sick of it after a week. Eating while it is hot is hard since who knows what other “needs” you are fulfilling at dinnertime. Many of us are blessed with friends and family who prepare meals however it’s not easy to look a gift horse in the mouth and ask for specifics. Not to mention that most moms don’t have the time or the bandwidth to make that phone call.

Always looking out for new moms and dads, Boston Newborn Care has partnered with a great resource for this, The Stocked Fridge.

The Stocked Fridge started as a labor of love for cooking by the owner Christine Kachmar.

Healthy Meals Delivered Meal Solutions

Are you tired of throwing the same old thing together for dinner or driving through your favorite fast food restaurant? Your life is hectic and busy…You are balancing full-time parenting with a working career and have many family responsibilities to deal with. Like most busy parents, you have good intentions of cooking healthy dinners at home but the dinner prep gets shoved to the back burner due to practices, music lessons, and family obligations each and every night.

Imagine….stopping at one store or having your prepared dinner delivered, including, side dishes and a fresh salad. By ordering the month’s meals you can simply take one out of the freezer – a healthy dinner you thaw in the morning and cook that night. All you do is cook the dishes in your own kitchen, and presto – a healthy nutritious meal that your family will love!

We offer family-tested recipes, do the grocery shopping, all of the prep work, the meal delivery if desired, and lastly, all the cleanup. All of this convenience for just a few dollars per serving allows you to bring your family back to the kitchen table!

It morphed into a thriving business of supplying a bi-weekly food delivery of fresh, healthy, delicious food.

Recently Christine has started preparing to Portion Fresh Meal Plans. “Measuring For Success” Learning to Eat Healthily!” Healthy Meals Delivered

The Stocked Fridge has quickly established itself as one of the area’s finest event catering and prepared meal services. We provide full-service catering and prepared meals throughout the entire Southern NH and Northern MA areas for corporate and social events including wedding catering, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, BBQs, picnics, cocktail parties, theme parties, funeral receptions, company meeting, open houses, fundraisers, and many other events.

Our philosophy is simple. We are professional, personal chefs, and caterers that prepare and serve our food in a memorable way. Our strength is in our attention to detail which means that we can help you create the perfect catered event, be it simple or elegant. We think that all people need to be treated like they are special, and what better way than with food!

Our team will prepare customized menus using only the finest and freshest ingredients. We offer a wide variety of delicious cuisine and specialize in creating menus for special themes and events.

We are a fully licensed and insured catering company operating from a licensed, inspected commercial kitchen in Merrimack, serving Southern NH and Northern MA.

So What Does The Stocked Fridge Provide? Healthy Meals Delivered

THE MEALS – these meals aren’t just for “dieters”, just heat & eat! You don’t have to spend hours prepping, we do all the work! They are perfect for busy singles or couples, seniors living alone,
students or anyone who is too busy to cook but wants to eat healthy with variety & convenience.
For dieters…no worrying about portion size – this helps you stay on track with your exercise program.

Pricing is determined by what calorie bracket you fall into:

Option One
For 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks
7 days | $21 per day for 3 meals, 2 snacks
$150 (1200-1499 calories)
$161 (1500-1799 calories)
$175 (1800-2099 calories)
$189 (2100-2300 calories)

Option Two
For 3 meals a day NO snacks
7 days
$115 (1200-1499 calories)
$126 (1500-1799 calories)
$140 (1800-2099 calories)
$154 (2100-2300 calories)

Option Three
For 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks
Monday through Friday:
$108 (1200-1499 calories)
$115 (1500-1799 calories)
$125 (1800-2099 calories)
$135 (2100-2300 calories)

Following the 30 fat/40 carb/ 30 protein plan, moms and her family will all get the nutrition they need. Adding snacks that include oats, flaxseed, and fresh fruits, a lactating mom will get a little boost in that department as well.

Many of us struggle with prepared foods from major companies due to the preservatives that must be incorporated in order for the food to stay fresh. The Stocked Fridge and Boston Newborn Care are working together to deliver these fresh-portioned meals on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Visit to get started and to determine your calorie bracket.
Additional Questions? Email
The Stocked Fridge | 704 Milford Road, Merrimack, NH 03054 | 603.881.9635

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