Additional Information Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications

The course also provides personal development and YOUR practice management.

Boston Newborn Care will find the perfect nanny for your family,

  • Boston Newborn Care will:
    • Conduct Search
    • Conduct interview in person
    • Obtain Criminal background check
    • Assistance throughout the contract
    • Family/Nanny work agreement
    • Info on Household payroll, taxes, health insurance
    • Driving record
    • CPR/First Aid certification
    • Review Social Media/Google search
    • Provide family with interview forms and formats if needed
    • Supply video of the nanny

Payment Fee

$1500 placement fee

Payable 1 week prior to nanny’s start date

  • refund scale
    • 1 week 90%
    • 1 month 75%
    • 2 months 50%
    • 3 Months 10%
    • 3-12 months 0%

About Boston Newborn Care

Boston Newborn Care is renowned for providing the most experienced and highly qualified Boston Newborn Care Provides Nannies, Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists solutions throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Boston and surrounding towns.

CAll of US for 24/7 services. Please note, our caregivers provide non-medical support and the term baby nurse is commonly used to describe Boston Newborn Care Provides Nannies, Doulas.

Boston Newborn Care Providers

Our Postpartum Specialists LOVE what they do and it shows!

They’ve provided priceless help for hundreds of our client families and their references are nothing less than 5 star!

Each Nannie or Doulas we recommend has a completed background check, newborn care training, CPR certification, and necessary medical/vaccinations on file for the safety of your newborn!

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