Choosing Newborn Care in Boston. First Parents need to identify the categories.

Choosing Newborn Care in Boston is personal. Does this come with such questions as Safety? Location? Hours? Price? and Flexibility? These can be confusing choices for first-time parents.

Daycare Center – Centers like KinderCare, Next Generation Child Care Centers, The Goddard School, and Bright Horizons are located in most cities and towns. There are also many private centers-located in churches and community centers, which are run in a similar fashion.

Private, In-home Day Care – Home based daycare centers, mainly in more suburban locations in most towns. They are located in designated areas in private homes operated by a licensed daycare provider.

Private Nannies– Professional care providers with educational training, credentials, references, years of experience, and local knowledge of child-rearing resources and child-friendly activities.

Au Pairs- Can come from over 60 countries, Au Pairs come to the US for one-two years on a J1 learning visa and they come with stringent background checks. Plus parents are provided with local coordinators to assist the families with working with Au Pairs.

So parents now need to decide how to choose from these options.

Corporate Facilities; Those in designated buildings: school-like environment, with fluorescent lighting and industrial furniture, secure entrances, and exits. These are more regulated; there are more eyes on your child. Report cards and progress reports- there are more checks and balances.

Choosing Newborn Care

Home-based Centers; More cozy outfits with the nice lady down the street who bakes cookies and encourages the kiddos to come in PJ’s and their favorite lovey. Less structured, however, the rules and regulations are in place, just a softer touch. The ratio of provider to the child is strictly enforced here as well.

Nanny’s; The kids are in their own home, with their own things; napping in their own crib. No need to pack up the kids on those cold and snowy days. They get to stay in their nice cozy and warm bed. A huge perk is that there is an adult in your home to bring in the mail, meet a delivery, and take care of the children’s laundry, their food prep, and their toys.

Live-In Au pair: Structured to be like a family member who can immerse a new language and culture to the children’s life. She lives there, knows the house as her own. Encouraged by the family to get a good nights sleep and maintain a wholesome girl-next-door persona and become part of the family

I remember making these choices when my kids were small. I tested out each option because I couldn’t make the decision. Parenting isn’t as easy as you may think. The choices are endless and the worrying constant. But understand that we all get through it and find solutions for your most important priority, your child…..

My 20 years of experience allow me the opportunity of sorting through the confusion for  Choosing Newborn Care in Boston