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Natural Diaper Rash Cream Recipe

Natural Diaper Rash Cream Recipe

My name is Geno. Six years ago, I left my corporate life in Guatemala City and moved to a small village on the shores of Lake Atitlan. I fell in love and now have my amazing four-year-old daughter named Love.

After Love was born, I wanted to treat her only with natural products made from plants. I had always been interested in the natural medicines that have been used by the Mayan community around our lake for centuries. This is where the development of my line of beauty products began—I started making natural products for Love.


You can read about how I ended up creating Natural Products below.

Guatemalan Mother & Entrepreneur Creates Line of Locally-Sourced Handmade Beauty Products For Her Daughter

Today I want to share with you a recipe for a Diaper Rash Cream that really works.

If you are interested in learning more about my product for moms and Newborns Click on this link.

Some reasons to make it are:

  • It is simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find
  • You will know what you are putting on your baby’s skin.
  • Most importantly, even a really busy mom can make it at home.



To start we will say that diaper rashes can be treated naturally, but you want to act fast and give relief to your baby. For this reason, I have listed these steps that I have personally tried and I never had a diaper rash turn into a severe case. Here are some important tips that will help you:

  • Changing diapers frequently, since diaper rash refers to irritation of the skin due to wet diapers, keeping the skin dry and moisturized is essential.
  • Avoid baby wipes with alcohol and fragrances
  • Try to have as much diaper-free time as possible. It will help speed up the healing process.
  • Use a natural diaper rash cream. You will get a recipe for this here, just keep reading!
  • Wash your hands before and after diaper changes. This will help you prevent infections.
  • Keep anything from rubbing that irritated skin.


From a Chinese medicine point of view, Diaper rash is described as a damp heat pattern. Bob Flaws in his pediatrics book says: “It’s a heat pattern because the skin is red in color and hot to the touch. It is damp because there may be small water blisters, wet-looking sores, or the condition is aggravated by dampness.

Treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine for infants start with the diet. The recommendation is to have a clear, bland diet. In a breastfed baby, this means that the mother should go on the clear, bland diet.”

Things to avoid in this diet include anything made with refined sugars, wheat products, cereals, dairy products (especially milk, cream, and cheese), processed foods, and fatty meats. The way you cook your foods can affect you too, so no raw foods and cold foods.

And last during the diaper rash period stay away from fruits.


Now, shall we start making the diaper rash cream?! I have made several recipes, played with different ingredients, and settled with this one, the most effective one so far.

One of the benefits of this diaper rash cream is that it doesn’t contain any skin irritants like petrolatum or mineral oils. We also stayed away from essential oils on this recipe.

I have added a short video for mothers out there, and this is easy to make at home and natural ingredients are found at most Health Food Locations.


Natural Diaper Rash Cream Recipe

I selected the ingredients here for good reasons. Let’s take a look at  them and how they work:

  • Shea butter is full of fatty acids, its soothing and it contains Vit E and Vit A
  • Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and antifungal
  • Beeswax can help remove toxins from the skin, reduce inflammation, and is full of vitamins.
  • Non-nano zinc oxide is insoluble in water so it creates a barrier making the skin waterproof and keeping it moisturized.
  • Bentonite Clay will draw out impurities and toxins while keeping the skin moisturized.




  • 1/4 cup shea butter
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2-3 Tbsp Non-nano Zinc Oxide
  • 1 Tbsp beeswax
  • 1 Tbsp Bentonite Clay


  1. In a heat-resistant bowl weigh your shea butter, coconut oil, zinc oxide, beeswax, and bentonite clay.
  2. Create a double boiler by placing the bowl in a pan with water.
  3. Heat all ingredients at a low temperature until everything is melted.
  4. Let it combine well for about 10 mins
  5. Remove from heat, pour into a glass container and let it cool.
  6. And done, ready to use as needed!

I recommend you use this cream with eco-friendly disposable diapers. The zinc dioxide might cause you absorbency issues if you use natural cloth diapers over time.

Have you ever made Natural Diaper Rash Cream Recipe? How did it go? Share in the comments below!


South End Boston Nanny Needed

South End, Boston Nanny Needed. Brighton Ma, Boston Nanny Needed. Fenway Area, Brookline Nanny Needed
Mom is a physician, dad is financially looking for a full-time nanny for their 5-month-old daughter.

Choosing Newborn Care in Boston

Choosing Newborn Care in Boston. First Parents need to identify the categories.

Choosing Newborn Care in Boston is personal. Does this come with such questions as Safety? Location? Hours? Price? and Flexibility? These can be confusing choices for first-time parents.

Daycare Center – Centers like KinderCare, Next Generation Child Care Centers, The Goddard School, and Bright Horizons are located in most cities and towns. There are also many private centers-located in churches and community centers, which are run in a similar fashion.

Private, In-home Day Care – Home based daycare centers, mainly in more suburban locations in most towns. They are located in designated areas in private homes operated by a licensed daycare provider.

Private Nannies– Professional care providers with educational training, credentials, references, years of experience, and local knowledge of child-rearing resources and child-friendly activities.

Au Pairs- Can come from over 60 countries, Au Pairs come to the US for one-two years on a J1 learning visa and they come with stringent background checks. Plus parents are provided with local coordinators to assist the families with working with Au Pairs.

So parents now need to decide how to choose from these options.

Corporate Facilities; Those in designated buildings: school-like environment, with fluorescent lighting and industrial furniture, secure entrances, and exits. These are more regulated; there are more eyes on your child. Report cards and progress reports- there are more checks and balances.

Choosing Newborn Care

Home-based Centers; More cozy outfits with the nice lady down the street who bakes cookies and encourages the kiddos to come in PJ’s and their favorite lovey. Less structured, however, the rules and regulations are in place, just a softer touch. The ratio of provider to the child is strictly enforced here as well.

Nanny’s; The kids are in their own home, with their own things; napping in their own crib. No need to pack up the kids on those cold and snowy days. They get to stay in their nice cozy and warm bed. A huge perk is that there is an adult in your home to bring in the mail, meet a delivery, and take care of the children’s laundry, their food prep, and their toys.

Live-In Au pair: Structured to be like a family member who can immerse a new language and culture to the children’s life. She lives there, knows the house as her own. Encouraged by the family to get a good nights sleep and maintain a wholesome girl-next-door persona and become part of the family

I remember making these choices when my kids were small. I tested out each option because I couldn’t make the decision. Parenting isn’t as easy as you may think. The choices are endless and the worrying constant. But understand that we all get through it and find solutions for your most important priority, your child…..

My 20 years of experience allow me the opportunity of sorting through the confusion for  Choosing Newborn Care in Boston

Rock your baby to sleep

Rock your baby to sleep.

Have your baby sleep on your chest, feed her until she’s snoring; that’s fine. Go ahead, but just know you are signing up for this task for at least a year.

Babies like what they like. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle in someone’s cozy arms or be lulled to sleep whilst rocking back and forth to your dad’s humming?

I remember when I watched my first baby, around 28 years ago. A friend was going to her mother-in-law’s funeral. She left me with these instructions.

Rock your baby to sleep

  1. Sally will wake up at X time.
  2. Enter her room wearing my scarf, hanging on the outside doorknob.
  3. Do not turn on the lights.
  4. Be sure the bathroom door is open about 5 inches and the shower light is on. (That is enough light for you to see)
  5. Sit in the rocking chair to feed her but don’t move the position it is in.
  6. Be sure to turn on the mobile before you sit down.
  7. When she is done hold her upright for 17 minutes.
  8. Change her while singing somewhere over the rainbow.
  9. Stand on your head and spit jellybeans.

Ok, so the last direction was just me being sarcastic.

Of course, I tried to follow all of these steps. And of course, she cried the whole time because I probably opened the refrigerator or forgot to turn off the television.

I felt what a new mom must feel like. I totally turned off my common sense. I didn’t do what seems natural because I had to follow the directions.

My friend came home to a screaming infant. This regime came about because it worked one time.

The chair, the light, the noise, and the smells suddenly settled her fussy daughter.

I totally get it. Rock your baby to sleep


How else did the midnight car rides come about? Desperate parents will do what works. Outsiders will view these intricate steps as ridiculous, but new parents see it as perfectly normal behavior.

When my son was born my husband and I walked around OUR HOUSE with one shoe on. We had to scoot our foot under his bottom in the light-blue bucket chair and bounce it up and down. It became a mindless ritual; Tap-Tap-Tap, rocking him until he fell asleep.

It became the routine; it was our new normal because he stopped crying. It worked!

We did go through a few of those chairs, but it didn’t matter. That chair went everywhere with us. It became more important than my make-up(who’s kidding who here, make -up went out the door when I left work to go on maternity leave)

Eventually, there is a break in the insanity. Common sense seeps in a little bit and the routines get much more manageable.

What’s your crazy story? We all have one. Rock your baby to sleep will allow your baby and you to sleep.

Boston Newborn Care Bottle Tip “Mixie Bottle”

Boston Newborn Care Bottle Tip “Mixie Bottle”.

Have you ever heard of it? It’s a brilliant way to be on the go with a bottle at the ready. Getting out of the house with a newborn is a feat among itself. Gone are the days where you have to just tuck your phone into your pocket and dash.

Now there’s the checklist.

Diapers, toys, change of clothes for baby, change of shirt for mom (annoying headlight spots on your shirt from leaking breast milk isn’t especially attractive) The diaper bag with favorite toys, loveys, blankets. Etc. etc. etc.

Now the chore of the bottle: Although your breastfeeding days are still in full swing, perhaps you are supplementing with some formula in anticipation of going back to work, or just because you want to introduce formula to your babe.

Boston Newborn Care Bottle Tip "Mixie Bottle"

Boston Newborn Care Bottle Tip “Mixie Bottle”

Now the questions:

Do I make it ahead of time and then search for a coffee shop where I can get a hot cup of water to warm it in? Do I bring the water separately and the powder in a different container to mix it on the go.

Holding an infant, trying not to touch any surface outside of your house and mix it without being one of those new moms who fumbles and spills?

Boston Newborn Care Bottle Tip “Mixie Bottle

The chamber has the perfect amount of formula, the water is the perfect temp. Push the bottom of the chamber; the powder is released into the water. And you have the perfect bottle with no struggle.

You can load up your stroller or your diaper bag with ready-to-go bottles so you are never stuck struggling in the ladies’ room in a full sweat with a hungry baby.

Here is one tip. The bottle can leak a little bit from the top if it is screwed on too tight. The pressure from the release of the formula somehow causes the nipple to be a little off where it attaches to the bottle collar.

Just don’t tighten it too much and you’ll have no issues. The wide Dr. brown nipples fit on this bottle as well.

Mixie Bottle Fill, Pop, Mix for the freshest bottle on the go.

Boston Newborn Care Bottle Tip “Mixie Bottle”

For more Baby tips follow our blog.

Tadpole Baby Registry Boston

Tadpole is an independently owned modern children’s store located in Boston’s hip & historic South End. Started by a South End mom & dad

Traveling Nanny From Boston Newborn

Traveling Nanny From Boston

Traveling Nanny From Boston Newborn Care for Families Traveling. For years I have received calls from parents planning vacations in Boston looking for overnight support with their newborn(s).

Traveling Nanny From Boston Newborn Care for Families Traveling

Boston Newborn Care provides a traveling nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, or infant nanny. They are the overnight support, the daytime help, and the professional in the house person, keeping things on track and empowering new moms and dads every step of the way. While parents are out enjoying some vacation no matter the city Boston Newborn Care provides a traveling nanny.

Traveling Nanny

Traveling Nanny

Many moms can’t imagine spending weeks with their mothers (or vice versa). So many families are turning to 24/7 traveling nanny services from Boston Newborn Care Specialists who are more than willing to help during your vacations or business travel.

Traveling Nanny From Boston Newborn

The majority of my clients are in the Metropolitan Boston or New York City areas. However, the network of traveling nanny nurses I have at my fingertips can accommodate any location in or out of the U.S.

At Boston Newborn Care, we make a point of screening and training our traveling nanny specialists (many are RN’s, and LPN’s) to not only know all the latest trends in baby gear and AAP practices but to take a course in working within homes as a service provider. Let us face it, it really doesn’t matter how great they swaddle or their awesome tricks of settling a baby if they cant give the family space when needed.

Traveling Nanny

Travel Nannies

A 24/7 traveling nanny sleeps when the baby sleeps, gets 4 hours off during the day for more rest and time to catch-up on personal items: emails, phone calls, showering, etc. They are not recovering from birth or a C-section.

They are not nursing, running your household, or going to work. They eat when you eat, attend to your needs for the duration of the contract. A great perk is that there is support for when things need to be tweaked or if help is needed.

Most 24/7 traveling nanny Newborn Care Specialist will work a minimum of 1 week to 1 year. All have all vaccinations, passports ready, and they know how to help a busy family vacationing all over the world or organizing a low-key family that’s hunkered down during the first few months with the baby.

They travel to you or with you. The culture of each family is different. We recognize that and cultivate our ways to match your style. 617 299 0374

Need a Nanny for your Travels?

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Why a man treats his wife like he treats his mother

Why a man treats his wife like he treats his mother

If that is true, you may in trouble. To say that my son is very demanding is putting it lightly. Breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks served when he wants it and no other time will do.

This was our first glimpse into his anger issues. If his food is not presented to him as soon as he demands it, he goes from 0 to 60 in a millisecond. The whole night kicking, screaming and crying. However, it is not just-food.

Like you, I imagined so many sweet moments cuddling together with my baby. Back bending, head butting, feet thrusting, exorcism instead of the sweet little coo and cuddle I am looking for. Think it is sweet when he runs his fingers through your hair? Watch out, it is his game. He will grab a fistful and yank until it in his hand. Then he will laugh and laugh.

Why a man treats his wife like he treats his mother

Moreover, forget about earrings and necklaces that might require a plastic surgeon.

Then there is the sleep problem. Is sleeping your thing, alternatively, sleeping in general? Not anymore. He will keep you up demanding something different every moment, and then fall asleep at 6 a.m.

You are wrong if you think he does not wake up every two hours to do it all over again. Think again, it will spasmodically happen for months. Just when you think, the coast is clear you may actually string together 4-5 hours of sleep, SCREAM. I think he thrives off your sleep-deprived demeanor. It strengthens him as he drains every bit of your energy.

I am hopeful that things improve with time because his silly giggles, twinkly looks, and belly laughs are definitely the highlight of my day. Sometimes he wants to hold my hand, so hold it often. When he is sad, I sing him a song, hold him close, and help him calm down.

One day this will be your job and with you in mind, I am doing my best to raise a good man.

All the best,


My Journey into Motherhood

My Journey into Motherhood continues to evolve with twists, turns, and discoveries; so does my path into rediscovering myself.

We struggled for years to try to have another child.  Who would have thought that years of IVF with constant monthly let downs, hundreds of visits to the doctors, lots of daily injections, hope and faith lost, that it would finally happen? 


Love your baby

My Journey into Motherhood, Fertility issues are a horrible battle. If I heard one more time.

 “Relax it will happen”,

 I would have punched someone in the face. 

Relax?  Every evening was not “would you like red or white wine”? It was.

“Where and what side of your bum did we inject the needle last night”. 

The financial burden of IVF and the constant disappointment is enough to make you go crazy. Then there’s the worry of injecting unnatural liquids into your body daily. What about the potential side effects that could appear down the road?  It is unsettling. 

Relationships get tested and romance is gone. Wanting something so bad and to be told I should come to the realization it may never happen??? It was something I could not accept

My older son always wanted a sibling.  As he got older he would say 

it’s not fun being the only child”. 

Hey, what’s a little more pressure?  How could we explain to our happy 8-year old, who, at this point has received anything and everything he asked  (within reason) that this was one thing we would not be able to give to him?

After another call from the IVF tech saying there were two embryos inserted BUT your levels don’t look like it will take…

That was the final straw for us. 

This was going to be my last effort. I cut caffeine, red meat, carbs; basically, all the fun, the good stuff was replaced with a super organic, very unappetizing fare. We had gone all organic/natural; protein shakes with kale, dandelion greens, lemongrass and plenty of natural vitamins twice a day, grass and leaves for lunch and protein, quinoa, blah blah blah for dinner. Not exactly the meatball sub or hot fudge sundae my hormone riddled body craved. 

We turned to Chinese medicine. It is pretty amazing. I was treated weekly by an acupuncturist which I believe was a huge factor in our success. After one month of eating all organic and natural, along with the treatments, was the first time we ever had several eggs that were great enough to freeze and two beauties to insert. 

FINALLY, the call came, My Journey into Motherhood has started.

“It took!!!”

“You are PREGNANT and your levels look great”

Fast Forward…

I loved being pregnant; I was older, wiser, and thought I had more patience. 

I actually began to feel that pregnancy glow.   

Then at five and a half months 

BUMP!- the tiniest parking-lot fender bender.

The glow was over…

My water broke.

To Be Continued

Healthy Meals Delivered

Healthy Meals Delivered COVID 19

Healthy Meals Delivered COVID 19

Healthy Meals Delivered COVID 19 to your home our Healthy meals delivered to your door from Boston Newborn Care’s newest partner, The Stocked Fridge. Having a baby can really rock the current rhythm of your household. The mess, the disorganization, and the stuff! Stuff is just everywhere. It’s not easy to deprogram yourself to let things go when you have always been on top of things.

Food is a tough one. Buying it, preparing it cleaning up after it, and then remembering to eat it. Don’t laugh, the struggle is real.

Healthy Meals Delivered

Nursing moms need to eat more than they are accustomed to. For milk production (additional 300-500 calories per day) and they need to eat to heal from what’s going on in their body. Having a baby takes a toll on a woman’s system. Calories and energy need to be on point to stay healthy. (calorie count baseline is based on activity level and weight)

There is always take out, but one gets sick of it after a week. Eating while it is hot is hard since who knows what other “needs” you are fulfilling at dinnertime. Many of us are blessed with friends and family who prepare meals however it’s not easy to look a gift horse in the mouth and ask for specifics. Not to mention that most moms don’t have the time or the bandwidth to make that phone call.

Always looking out for new moms and dads, Boston Newborn Care has partnered with a great resource for this, The Stocked Fridge.

The Stocked Fridge started as a labor of love for cooking by the owner Christine Kachmar.

Healthy Meals Delivered Meal Solutions

Are you tired of throwing the same old thing together for dinner or driving through your favorite fast food restaurant? Your life is hectic and busy….You are balancing full time parenting with a working career and have many family responsibilities to deal with. Like most busy parents, you have good intentions on cooking healthy dinners at home but the dinner prep gets shoved to the back burner due to practices, music lessons, and family obligations each and every night.

Imagine….stopping at one store or having your prepared dinner delivered, including, side dishes and a fresh salad. By ordering the month’s meals you can simply take one out of the freezer – a healthy dinner you thaw in the morning and cook that night. All you do is cook the dishes in your own kitchen, and presto – a healthy nutritious meal that your family will love!

We offer family-tested recipes, do the grocery shopping, all of the prep work, the meal delivery if desired, and lastly, all the cleanup. All of this convenience for just a few dollars per serving allows you to bring your family back to the kitchen table!

It morphed into a thriving business of supplying a bi-weekly food delivery of fresh, healthy, delicious food.

Recently Christine has started preparing to Portion Fresh Meal Plans. “Measuring For Success” Learning to Eat Healthily!” Healthy Meals Delivered

The Stocked Fridge has quickly established itself as one of the area’s finest event catering and prepared meal services. We provide full-service catering and prepared meals throughout the entire Southern NH and Northern MA areas for corporate and social events including wedding catering, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, BBQs, picnics, cocktail parties, theme parties, funeral receptions, company meeting, open houses, fundraisers, and many other events.

Our philosophy is simple. We are professional, personal chefs, and caterers that prepare and serve our food in a memorable way. Our strength is in our attention to detail which means that we can help you create the perfect catered event, be it simple or elegant. We think that all people need to be treated like they are special, and what better way than with food!

Our team will prepare customized menus using only the finest and freshest ingredients. We offer a wide variety of delicious cuisine and specialize in creating menus for special themes and events.

We are a fully licensed and insured catering company operating from a licensed, inspected commercial kitchen in Merrimack, serving Southern NH and Northern MA.

So What Does The Stocked Fridge Provide? Healthy Meals Delivered

The Stocked Fridge

The Stocked Fridge

THE MEALS – these meals aren’t just for “dieters”, just heat & eat! You don’t have to spend hours prepping, we do all the work! They are perfect for busy singles or couples, seniors living alone,
students or anyone who is too busy to cook but wants to eat healthy with variety & convenience.
For dieters…no worrying about portion size – this helps you stay on track with your exercise program.

Pricing is determined by what calorie bracket you fall into:

Option One
For 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks
7 days | $21 per day for 3 meals, 2 snacks
$150 (1200-1499 calories)
$161 (1500-1799 calories)
$175 (1800-2099 calories)
$189 (2100-2300 calories)

Option Two
For 3 meals a day NO snacks
7 days
$115 (1200-1499 calories)
$126 (1500-1799 calories)
$140 (1800-2099 calories)
$154 (2100-2300 calories)

Option Three
For 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks
Monday through Friday:
$108 (1200-1499 calories)
$115 (1500-1799 calories)
$125 (1800-2099 calories)
$135 (2100-2300 calories)

Following the 30 fat/40 carb/ 30 protein plan, moms and her family will all get the nutrition they need. Adding snacks that include oats, flaxseed and fresh fruits, a lactating mom will get a little boost in that department as well.

The Stocked Fridge

The Stocked Fridge

Many of us struggle with prepared foods from major companies due to the preservatives that must be incorporated in order for the food to stay fresh. The Stocked Fridge and Boston Newborn Care are working together to deliver these fresh-portioned meals on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Visit to get started and to determine your calorie bracket.
Additional Questions? Email
The Stocked Fridge | 704 Milford Road, Merrimack, NH 03054 | 603.881.9635