I am a Newborn Specialist and finding interesting products to keep your Baby entertained during feeding time is a challenge. This Placemat offers your newborn or toddler a fun time and will encourage interaction with food and your baby will enjoy the activity.

Busy Baby Mat is FDA-approved food-grade silicone that attaches to most clean surfaces. A patented tether system that keeps toys, pacifiers, sippy cups, and the like within baby’s reach and germ-free.

The mat sells for $24.99 and can be ordered from the website link I have provided. Along with the Mat, the couple that developed this product offers a full line of other baby products most Newborn parents will find interesting.

Do you have a super cute Busy Baby or a great new way to use the Busy Baby Mat?  Send your pictures to [email protected] to be featured on our social media or even on the website!