Boston Newborn Care Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A Newborn Care Specialist is a non-medical professional who comes into the home when the baby comes home from the hospital.  State to state regulations dictates which term is used for this service.  Baby Nurse, Maternity Nurse, Night Nanny among others are commonly used in place of an NCS. For overnight care, the NCS review and discuss the day’s activities and care of their new baby to best prepare the plan for good night patterns and practices.   The NCS’s shifts are a minimum of 8 hours overnight, 4-8 daytime hours, and 24-hour care. Boston Newborn Care Specialists are experienced/trained and/or have a certification.  Many will have additional certifications like HHAs, CNAs, or LPNs. All also have their CPR and Infant First Aid certifications.

Every NCS is different and has a range of newborn and infant care experiences.  She will have extensive practical experience with newborns, and current knowledge of accepted practices in newborn care, including lactation support, Infant CPR & First Aid, and knowledge of early childhood development. The most recent practices of the American Academy of Pediatrics is covered in the BNC course.  All updates and revisions are provided to each NCS as needed.

Boston Newborn Care Frequently Asked Questions Skills include:

• Will be attentive, focused, and alert in caring for the baby
• Can teach you to change diapers, bathe and feed the baby, or do it all for you
• Will communicate the baby’s daily and/or nightly routines including feeding, sleep, and behavior patterns in a custom log prepared for each family.
• Educates and teaches parents to understand their newborn in terms of his or her development.
• Assists parents with developing a schedule/routine with the baby
• Makes recommendations if requested
• Will give the baby a sponge and tub bath
• Understands the newborn’s needs and care routines
• Handles all nighttime routines; feedings, diaper changes, soothing and training while parents get much needed rest
• Burping techniques
Lactation support to breastfeeding mothers
• Bottle preparation & cleaning
• Umbilical and circumcision care
• Sleep training

2. What is the typical length of stay for a Newborn Care Specialist?

The duration of the Newborn Care Specialist’s time in your home will be your decision. The position of Newborn Care Specialist is temporary in nature. A typical assignment will range between 2 – 12 weeks, longer for preemies, multiples, and special needs infants.

3. Boston Newborn Care Frequently Asked Questions Will the Newborn Care Specialist put my baby on a schedule?

The Newborn Care Specialist can put your baby on a schedule if this is something you prefer. Our job is to make this new transition pleasant.  We have cared for many babies and can provide a schedule so that your baby is comfortable and well prepared to sleep through the night. However, if you prefer to not work with a schedule, the Newborn Care Specialist will fit into the plan that you want for your baby. When we are in the process of matching you with a Newborn Care Specialist, we will discuss the type of Newborn Care Specialist that will be the best match for your family.

4. When I’m using 24-hour care when does the Newborn Care Specialist sleep?

The Newborn Care Specialist will sleep when the baby is sleeping. For the safety of all parties, she is allowed a 4-5 hour break per 24-hour period in which she can decide to sleep or leave the premises.

5. What accommodations are required for the Newborn Care Specialist?

For 24-hour care, the Newborn Care Specialist will sleep when the baby is sleeping. It is customary to provide a suitable couch or bed for the Newborn Care Specialist. It is your choice to have the Newborn Care Specialist sleep in the room with the baby or in a separate living space with a baby monitor. For overnight shifts, you can request the Newborn Care Specialist to stay in the baby’s room or you can choose to provide the Newborn Care Specialist with a separate living space with a baby monitor where she can read, work on the computer, or watch TV after her other duties are finished and the baby is sleeping.

6. Am I required to provide the Newborn Care Specialist with meals?

You and the NCS can discuss this at the time of service.  For overnight care, it is not required.   Please be sure to discuss all kitchen rules.

7. Boston Newborn Care Frequently Asked Questions Can I have the Newborn Care Specialist travel with our family on vacation?
Yes, make sure that is agreed upon prior to hiring. All expenses for the Newborn Care Specialist’s food, travel, etc. are the responsibility of the family.

8. How is the Newborn Care Specialist paid?
Boston Newborn Care will pay the Newborn Care Specialist directly.
Boston Newborn Care will bill the Parents on Sunday for the previous week
(Sunday to Saturday)
Payment is due immediately upon request.

9. Do Newborn Care Specialists work on holidays?
Some Newborn Care Specialists will work on holidays. This needs to be discussed prior to hire.

9. When Newborn Care Specialists work on holidays, do they get paid time and a half?

9. Do I need to pay taxes on my Newborn Care Specialist?
For all tax and payroll matters, the family should consult their accountant. We can recommend a Payroll provider to speak to and they can guide you through the process via free phone consult. We can also bill you with appropriate taxes taken out.

10. Is tipping the Newborn Care Specialist required?
Tipping your Newborn Care Specialist is customary but not required. Between 10%-15% of the total job, assignment is standard at the end of the contract.

11. What is the going rate for a Newborn Care Specialist?
Salary suggestions are below
Boston Newborn Care suggests that the hourly rate is decreased after the first 6 weeks.

Typical example is

Singleton:- $35 for the first 6 weeks, then $30 per hour throughout the remainder of the contract.
Twins – $40 for the first 6 weeks and $35 per hour for the remainder of the contract
Triplets and Quads – $45 for the entire contract.
2- hour care is a suggested flat rate of $325 for one baby and $375 for multiples per day. (many families with triplets and Quads choose the 24-hour schedule)e your paragraph here.