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Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications

Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications.
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Additional Information Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications

The course also provides personal development and YOUR practice management.

Newborn Care Course Certifications

Newborn Care Course Certifications is someone who specializes in newborn care. The Boston Newborn Care Course may assist parents in the home the first few weeks or months of baby’s life with parent education, feeding/breastfeeding, basic baby care, and light baby-related housekeeping.

It is important to note that a Newborn Care Specialist is not a Nanny and not a Doula and requires special training and education specific to the profession.

Newborn Care Course Certifications

The Newborn Care Course will cover absolutely everything that you need to know down to the finest detail.

It is an evidence-based course designed from years of studying and caring for families.

It’s not my opinion, or what I think.  It is based on the hundreds of parents I have personally worked with.

I will discuss important Newborn Care highlights, what you need to learn and have a forum for any kind of question you may have.

Throughout the entire training, I will be able to explain to everyone, the demeanor, the behavior and the mannerisms that will make you successful with families.

Anyone who has ever taken my course or who will in the future will always have access to me for questions, comments or potential families to work for.

This is my approach. This is what my families appreciate about me.

The course is significantly cheaper than any place else you’ll find it and it’s the same material, however it includes the added, most important feature on how to do what you know.

Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications


The information of what works and what doesn’t is based on my personal experiences with parents for the past 18 years.  My role as a counselor for an au pair company has allowed me to come into 300+  homes and dig deep into what is a successful experience and what doesn’t work.

The Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications programs will cover a wide range of topics including Bathing, Sleep Practices, Feeding, Swaddling, Siblings, developmental milestones and so much more.

You will also learn about client relations, what your role is as a Newborn Care Specialist, what it takes to be a team player and how to get a job.

Who can take Boston Newborn Care Course Certifications?

  • If you have cared for babies under 3 months in the past 2 years or have a true love for babies, this program will teach you all the necessary skills and practices to support new families and their little ones. Set yourself apart from other Nannies and Childcare providers by training to be a Newborn Care Specialist.
  • If you are brand new at this and do not have any experience, you are certainly welcome.  There will be opportunities for you to shadow a seasoned NCS to gain the experience you need to support families on your own.

About Boston Newborn Care

Boston Newborn Care is renowned for providing the most experienced and highly qualified Boston Newborn Care Provides Nannies, Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists solutions throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Boston and surrounding towns.

CAll of US for 24/7 services. Please note, our caregivers provide non-medical support and the term baby nurse is commonly used to describe Boston Newborn Care Provides Nannies, Doulas.

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